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Client Reviews in Waldorf, MD

"Fancy Vans recently installed a Bruno out-rider lift in my pick up truck so that I can transport my mobility chair. I could not be happier. The product was installed in a neat and workman like manner. Every wire is perfectly hidden. The control box is installed under the rear seat so it won't be in site. The hand controls are located to be easily accessible, yet not in the way of normal operation of the vehicle. Great! I highly recommend Fancy Vans." - Gene Dailey
"We first met Steve of Fancy Vans mobility in Waldorf Maryland in 2009 through the Maryland State disability TAP programs list of Installers. Throughout the years we've kept in contact and had additional modifications completed with him.

When we needed information on adaptions for mobility he always had a solution, with safety in mind, that would allow us to become more independent. He is an expert at vehicle modifications.

In April of 2017 we had the opportunity to again utilize Fancy Vans Mobility to purchase and install a lift and mobility scooter at his recommendation. My wife I are so pleased at the level of service and dedication to disabled individuals.

We now have greater ease of mobility with this Installation and will continue to use Fancy Vans for maintenance and repairs as needed.
Steve, may the Lord continue to Bless you and know that you are always in our prayers. Thank you.

"I want to thank you, your staff and associates for their input and suggestions during the installation of my mobility lift, The Equalizer 3, for my scooter. I now understand the lengthy process it took to install. You did a fantastic job. My impatience to become independent was worth the wait. Thanks to Fancy Vans I now have the freedom to get around town and the outdoors by myself without having to wait or depend on others. What a great feeling to have independence. Thank you Steve.

Yours sincerely,
Cecil V. M, Jr."
"Dear Fancy Vans (Staff) I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the willingness to do what I was told was impassable. After looking on line, calling and visiting companies all over the tri state area trying to have the side door of my 2002 high top Dodge caravar( raised because my son had to have rods placed in his upper back and neck and could no longer bend his head to get in the van. Every one I called told me the same thing,(no it couldn't be done) the reason was no one made a raised door kit for it. I didn't know what I was going to do. I couldn't go to a full size van because of where I work, and by no means could I afford a lowered floor van. I then met one of you customers in a shopping center parking tot and she told me about Fancy Vans in Waldorf, Md. She said if it could be done you could do it. I called and talked to Steve. He had me send photos of the van to him. He called me right back and told me something I did not think I would hear YES he could do it.

I ask him were he would get a kit, I was told no one made one. He told me he fabricated his own doors, he didn't use kits. Two weeks later my van was done. What a job he did when I picked up my van it looked like it came from Dodge. Everything looks and works great. It worked out great for both me and my son. Steve and your complete staff was so kind and helpful I. It was well worth the three hour drive one way for the service I got. I have, and will tell everyone how satisfied I am with your company.

Thanks Again, Margret S."
"I am confind to a wheelchair and on one Sunday afternoon me and a friend went to the B.J'S warehouse to shop for some things we needed for a cook out we were having. When I got out of my van my wheelchair lift stop working. It just wouldn't do anything. After serveral people came to help me and couldn't fix it I didn't know what I was going to do. After about 30 min. A man that worked for your company came over and ask if he could help me. I told him no one has been able to so far but he could try. He then told me he worked for Fancy Vans and he worked on lifts for 29 years. After only about 10 min. he had found the problem. He showed me a bad wire, but he didn't have the tools with him that he needed to repair it. He said his shop was only about 4 miles away. With some work and some help from a few other people he got the lift in the van. After a few moments of talking to Steve I went with my gutt and let him take my van to your shop to repair it. He told us to go and do our shopping and he would be back before we were done. We were in the check out line when we saw him come in the door. He waited til we were done and helped us with our stuff to the van, and even loaded it for us. He then showed us that the lift worked. I then ask him how much I owed him, and he said it was Sunday and he didn't do paper work on Sunday (ha ha). I was told to call or come by on Monday and we would take care of the bill then. Which we did. It is so nice to know there are still people that care in this world. It has been so long since I had a stranger go out of there way for me. Just wanted you to know you have a very satisfied customer.

Thanks; Judy S.
"Dear Mrs. McVeigh :

This brief letter is to express how satisfied I am with the service we received from Steve Clontz. We just had a Freedom Tracker lift installed at your shop. After searching the internet and learning about Freedom lifts a call was made to the Freedom Corp. They confirmed that the Tracker lift would work in my short wheelbase Dodge Caravan. They knew that Steve did nice work and told me so. Well,that is all history now. Steve sold me the lift and installed it this week. He did a great job and I am very well satisfied with everything. He even made it easy for us when we decided it would be best for us to stay overnight by transporting us to and from the motel. Even though Waldorf is about 1 00 miles from us we would not hesitate to return or recommend Fancy Vans to others.

Thanks for a job well done.

Arthur T."